My friend and I started this initiative of raising funds for a NGO called Logic Centre and Community Welfare Association, that works towards educating the underprivileged children of the nearby slum areas in IIT Powai, Mumbai and providing them with proper nutrition.

Photo by Rhea Danak

hen we started in Diwali 2020, by spreading the word of our small business among friends and family, by first selling diyas and coconut candles, (now termed as our CoCo candles) we realised the need to reach out to a greater audience. We experienced first hand the continuous impact that the pandemic had on the children and on that section of the society that could not even afford to guard themselves against the powerful pull of Covid-19. We marketed our cause and purpose of starting this initiative on Facebook and Instagram under our business’ page @roshni_lccwa and the welcoming people of Mumbai welcomed our products into their homes. We now have a variety of scented candles and other products that we make ourselves with the same zeel and passion with which we started this intiative. We’re now not only delivering warmth and light (through our candles) to homes in Mumbai, but also in other cities and states within India.

We named our initiative Roshni, that resembles the impact we want the success of our business to have on the children’s lives and the purpose we want it to serve in their own path to glory.

Photo by Rhea Danak

We have products ranging from glass candles that come in various sizes, sho(r)t glass candles, diyas and Coco Candles. Our CoCo candles are made from coconut shells and are reusable and recyclable. We also customise our candles according to the fragrance you want and you can use them for the perfect date, romantic dinner, self care healing process or gifting among many other utilities. They can also be used during all festivals and celebrations and can also be used as home decor.

Rhea Danak

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